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Compatibility of the new generation of smart tachographs and Vehco Co-Driver products

What will the introduction of smart tachographs mean for Vehco customers using Co-Driver products?


The European Commission have revised tachograph legislation to make the manipulation of tachograph data harder, improve the efficiency of the control of the system and reduce admin. The result is Annex 1C (EU 2016/799), which was approved in June 2016, and leads to the introduction of the smart tachograph in June 2019. The new Tachograph is often called “Smart tachograph” or the “Annex 1C Tachograph”, after the Annex 1C that is added to “Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/799 of 18 March 2016 implementing Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down the requirements for the construction, testing, installation, operation and repair of tachographs and their components”.

What is a smart tachograph?

Smart tachographs will have a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module which automatically records your vehicle location at the start and the end of the journey, as well as updates it every three hours of drive. Plus, the smart tachograph will be able to remotely communicate with roadside inspection officers. Enforcement officers will use a short-range radio device, remotely checking certain tachograph data without stopping the vehicle. So, they can remotely detect potential offences. If no issues are found, drivers stay on the road and continue their journey uninterrupted – meaning no valuable time is wasted on unnecessary roadside inspections.

When will it be introduced?

New smart tachographs are mounted in new heavy commercial vehicles from 15th June 2019.

Company and driver cards

The new regulation means that new company- and driver cards issued after June 15th will be of a new version. No existing cards of the old version must immediately be replaced, but only new cards will be issued and over time, all old cards are replaced.

What of Vehco’s services use data from tachographs?

When a Vehco-onboard computer is connected to a tachograph, the following services use data from it:

- Drive- and resting times (tacho events from D8-port)
- Working Time Reporting (tacho events from D8-port)
- Remote Tacho Download (remote copying of files)
- Qualified Activities (tacho events from D8-port)
- Start/Stop (in some cases)

Drivers need to approve data export!

The first time a driver inputs his/her driver card into a smart tachograph, the tachograph will ask the driver to approve that data is exported from the unit. If the driver does not approve data to be exported, the applicable services will not function properly! For this reason, it is naturally important that the drivers are informed to approve that data is exported from new smart tachographs.  

Vehco products and services compatibility with the new smart tachographs

At Vehco, we have prepared our current solutions to be compatible with the new smart tachographs. This means that all services that use data from the D8-port, will function as normal with the new smart tachographs (if the driver has approved the export).

For the RTD-service, our systems based on Connect 5 work well with the new smart tachographs. In a Connect 5 with version 5.11 and with Weboffice 6.44, the remote Tacho download is working both with new Tachographs, new company cards and new driver cards.

For clarification, below is an overview of the possibilities to use Remote Tacho Download (RTD) with the different hardware combinations:

  • Connect5 + smart tachograph + new driver card = works fine
  • Connect5 + smart tachograph + old driver card = works fine
  • Connect5 + old tachograph + new driver card = works fine
  • Connect5 + old tachograph + old driver card = works fine
  • COM4 + smart tachograph + new driver card = does NOT work
  • COM4 + smart tachograph + old driver card = does NOT work
  • COM4 + old tachograph + new driver card = works fine
  • COM4 + old tachograph + old driver card = works fine

If you currently use COM4 units and have plans to connect them to new smart tachographs, and you use the service Remote Tacho Download, you need to upgrade to Connect 5. Vehco offer attractive upgrade packages for customers using Vehco COM4 (and Panel-PC). Contact your sales representative for more information!

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