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Server 5.11: Order service: additional functionality when attaching photo

In Weboffice 5.9 “Kensington”, it was made possible to, as standard, transfer photos from Vehco’s server to an FTA (File Transfer Agent) or FTP within the customer’s network. Filenames of the attached photos would follow this convention:

Filename: [username]_[vehicleInternalName]_[Date]_[Time].jpg

To be able to distinguish different types of photos, Weboffice 5.11 contains the possibility to include attributes from the order in the filename. The photo file will, if this function is used, be renamed on the server side to


Where externalId is the Order number from the TMS-system and typeOfPhoto refers to anything saved on the specific order in an extra attribute named (or containing) the string “AttachedPhoto”.

NOTE! The function is case insensitive so anything like attachedPhoto, attachedphoto, AttachedPhoto or ATTACHEDPHOTO will work.

If the attachedPhoto attribute is left empty in an order for a customer having this configuration, the filename will contain the standard value “Undefined” instead.

Example of usage

 A customer wants two different buttons for photo capture in the order menu:

  • Button “Documents”, which is used for photos of order related documents and sets the attribute attachedPhoto to “freightDocument” when a photo is taken using this button
  • Button “Deviations”, which is used for photos of deviations and sets the attribute attachedPhoto to “deviation” when a photo is taken using this button

When these order files and photos are sent to server, the filename of the photo is modified to contain the attribute. Pictures of documents and deviations will then be easy to separate in the folder on the FTA or FTP, and the order they are related to will be visible through the display of External Id.

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