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Resource overview (Weboffice)

Resource overview     

Login overview has been remade and expanded in functionality. In conjunction with this, name was changed to “Resource Overview”.  The change has been down to being able to better view and sort data about asset for better decision making among our customers. In general, the ergonomics of the module have been made better. Group selection is made in the same way as in other parts of Weboffice, with a separate expandable/collapsible panel on the left side. A search function is added. The paging of the lists have been remove and all users/vehicles is shown on the same list with just a scrollbar, which have resulted in better sorting.

Resource overview is displaying both new and old information in separate tabs with higher performance than before:

  • Vehicle list
  • User list
  • Drive-and rest time, now in separate tab for customers utilizing this service
  • Activities, showing the latest reported activities and latest login- and logout activity
  • Remote Tacho Download, 3 tabs showing the RTD status of vehicles, users and also unmapped cards.

Drive- and rest time have been removed to a separate tab, with improved performance and without pagination. Drivers can now easily be sorted on for example remaining drive time for better decision making.

Activities tab show latest activity reported from each vehicle, with the possibility to sort on last reported time. The aim of this functionality is the type of use cases where only the last reported event for each vehicle, but for all vehicles in a specific group, is important. (ref ”Ledigt/Upptagen”). Apart from this, also last Login and Logout event is shown to be able to see when driver locally logged in last time.

Thera are also three new tabs showing status of Remote Tacho Download: One for latest vehicle download, one for driver download and one for unmapped driver cards. These are activated by separate Weboffice permissions.  

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