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New Weboffice (comes with the new server version 4.7)


Main differences are:

• A new startpage, where the user in the future will be able to reach usefull information about Vehco and our product: News, Updates, Support etc. 

• A new top-bar for navigation between modules. This kind of navigation better align to “web-standard” and an important step of doing so is to use the function to open new services in new tabs, and in this way be able to parallelize the work (for example, multiple map tabs can be open at the same time, focusing on different geographical areas). A hint, saying a new tab can be opened by holding Ctrl button, is visible in the top row of the menu.

New Weboffice 4.7 is reached through these links (Username and passwords are the same):

• Main: https://weboffice.codriver.com/wo/login/ 

• Europe: https://weboffice3.codriver.com/wo/login/

• Metis: https://weboffice5.codriver.com/wo/login/

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