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New Vehicle Client 4.4


Common software for all Vehco 4 Plattforms:

- Onboard (Com4 with screen)

- Connect (Com4 without screen)

- Android App


Also includes possibility to Bluetooth-pair a Android App with a Connect

- Possible to combine the user experience of an Android unit with the robustness of a fixed installation black-box.

- Since the fixed installation Com4 unit will have a SIM-card of its own, vehicle specific data (such as Eco-Driving, Driving- and rest time (DRT) and Remote Tacho Download (RTD)) will always be available for the office. 

- A user can pair his Android device with Vehco App installed to the vehicle and get extra information about driving behavior, Drive- and rest time status etc.

- Services Order and Messaging is working stand-alone on Android device, outside of the truck.


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