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New features for Vehco Connect and vehco App in 4.4


Android App and Connect with bluetooth connection.

In version 4.4 we includes the possibility to Bluetooth-pair a Android App with a Connect

- Possible to combine the user experience of an Android unit with the robustness of a fixed installation blackbox.

- Since the fixed installation Com4 unit will have a SIM-card of its own, vehicle specific data (such as Eco-Driving, Driving- and rest time (DRT) and Remote Tacho Download (RTD)) will always be available for the office. 

- A user can pair his Android device with Vehco App installed to the vehicle and get extra information about driving behavior, Drive- and rest time status etc.

- Services Order and Messaging is working stand-alone on Android device, outside of the truck.


Services can have 3 different setups:

1. Backend runs on Com4, no GUI exists

2. Backend runs on Com4, GUI runs on Android device

3. GUI and Backend runs on Android device


The backend is the part always handling server communication

Backend on Com4, GUI on Android device:

- Information is displayed live on Android device as long as the Bluetooth connection exists. 

- If a Bluetooth connection doesn’t exist, the services are partly or entirely blocked for usage.


When both Backend and GUI is running on Android (Order and Messages)

- Service not availible if Android device is unavialible

- Services are availible with a associated vehicle, but without active connection

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